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[Gelöst] Columns in users form – cant sen more then one

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Problem: Forms are being designed to use fields in columns, but on the front-end the fields are in a list and not in columns.

Solution: Forms uses Bootstrap for the columns markup. Make sure that Bootstrap is enabled (at Toolset > Settings). If you cannot use Bootstrap (because of a compatibility issue, for example) then you cannot use columns in forms.

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Last updated by PawelS4412 vor 2 Jahre, 7 Monate.

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I am trying to set two or more user fields in one row but even though it is set correctlly in toolset it display one field in one row. Example: hidden link

I expected to see 2 fields in one row. Dont know why it is not working. I also try it in new forms and there it is not working too.
I am sending in attachment column setting screen.



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Hi Pawel

Forms depends on Bootstrap for its layout, and I can see from your front-end link that the site is not using Bootstrap.

Enable Bootstrap at Toolset > Settings, but if this is not possible for some reason then you will need to add your own styling to modify the layout of form elements, the layout set with the drag and drop editor will not be applied.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!