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[Gelöst] Avada and toolset layout creates conflict

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Last updated by Beda vor 4 Jahre, 5 Monate.


if you check hidden link you can see that i have a lot of console errors , and i don't have them when i disable layout or view plugin .
can you please check this out for me ?


Most of those errors are "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()" on most of AVADA's files and few of Toolset's.
Mostly it's due because the URL's are all broken, they terminate in "site.tld/wp-content/plugins," instead of a proper file path.

Then we have a few "mod_pagespeed_IStdLKDbsk is not defined", this seems to be a server issue.

As first I confirmed that these errors are not happening on a local install when I use Toolset and AVADA using vanilla settings a and applying layouts to my contents.

Hence this must be something on the install or a specific setting.

1. Please delete all Plugins from Toolset and replace them manually via FTP. Please make a backup first, no data will be lost thou.
2. Replace the Theme as well
3. Disable all other software
4. Check the issue again

If now the issue persist, it is due to either the server or settings.
Hence I will then need a Copy of your site, but lets wait what above tests result in, first.