Toolset Blocks 1.3.3 and Types 3.4.3 Bugfix Release


November 30, 2020

This joint release of Toolset Blocks, Types, Forms, Maps, and WooCommerce Blocks fixes numerous bugs, improves performance and adds a new feature to the Container block.

Turn a Whole Container Block Into a Link

You can now make a whole Container block into a link. And of course, this link can also be dynamic so it comes from a standard or custom field, or a taxonomy.

Simply select the Container block and expand the new Container as Link section in the right sidebar.

Turning a whole Container block into a link

Performance Improvements for Views Using Relationships

Toolset Blocks 1.3.3 includes performance improvements for Views that use post relationships. 

This includes custom searches with relationship filters and Views displaying information from related posts. 

Change the Visibility of an Intermediary Post Type

When you create a many-to-many relationship, you can select whether its Intermediary Post Type is visible in the main WordPress menu. 

It’s now possible to change this option at any time after creating the relationship.


This release fixes more than 50 (!) bugs. Here are the top ones:

  • Fixed translation issues for Views that use AJAX pagination.
  • Fixed a problem with styles when inserting an existing View into another page.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with the upcoming WordPress 5.6 version and the EditorsKit plugin.
  • Fixed a problem with using Conditional blocks inside Content Templates that also include a post excerpt field.
  • Fixed some issues with View front-end filters.
  • Fixed a number of styling glitches in different Toolset blocks. This includes glitches on link styles for Heading and Single Field blocks.
  • Fixed a number of glitches related to translating Views, both in legacy and block editors.
  • Fixed the alignment for the “Add to Cart button” block.
  • Fixed an issue where switching WPML’s site language in WordPress dashboard would load an empty Toolset form.

And many more.

Full Changelogs

You can find the full changelogs here:

Improved Migration Wizard

Types 3.4 introduced an improved database structure for a better post relationship compatibility with WPML (default language post is no longer required to exist for connecting secondary-language posts). This is why it also introduced a wizard for migrating existing sites to the new database structure.

We greatly improved this wizard and migration in Types 3.4.3. Now, it’s more robust and includes fail-safes to avoid errors and timeouts even on large and busy sites.

However, in some edge cases involving very large sites the migration process might fail. We are still working on fixing this. If you happen to encounter migration issues before this happens, you should do the following:

  1. Revert the migration by going to Toolset Settings and clicking the Toolset Debug Information and Troubleshooting link at the bottom of the page. There, you will see a Rollback after the migration of the relationship data structure section. This will restore the connections between posts as they were before starting the upgrade.
  2. Report this issues to our support and we will work with you to resolve it.

If you encounter such issues and need to wait for our fix, you can minimize the upgrade prompt in your admin. This will help prevent accidental start of the migration. Simply click the Hide button in the Types migration banner.

Hiding the Types prompt for migrating to new relationship database structures


Have any thoughts of feedback for this release? Leave your comments and we’ll reply!


Comments 35 Responses

    • Thanks! It’s true, a lot of work, as usual. We can’t wait for you to see the next release (hopefully, before the end of the year)! 😉

    • Hi, Peter! Thanks for the feedback. I submitted this as a feature request to our development team.

      In the meantime, one workaround that might help a bit in this case:
      – When you edit a View, put all of the blocks into a Container.
      – Then in the Container block, expand the Inner Content section in the sidebar.
      – Set the option for minimum height of the Container.

      I know, it’s not the perfect solution but often is good enough to make the grid look good.

  1. “Container as Link” was on my wish list and I’m really looking forward to using it.
    Glad you made so many WPML fixes as I am starting my first project with Toolset & WPML.

    Feels like it’s already christmas!

    • Hi, Meirk! I just checked with our lead Maps developer. We are aware of this issue and have a ticket to resolve it but it didn’t make it into this round of bug fixes. I cannot give you an estimate but it probably won’t happen in the next release planned in a few weeks, either.

  2. I have just seen, that “Toolset Views” is not listed as a “registered” plugin anymore ( there -> Does this mean, there will be no updates in future? Whenever I have used Toolset, I installed at least Types and Views. And I dislike Gutenberg (Blockeditor), so I am using the Plugin Classic Editor and/or Elementor (or Beaver Builder).

    Same question for Toolset Layouts and Toolset Genesis Integration. I am not asking for “new feature updates” I worry about compatibility.

    • Likewise, for me Types and Views forms the backbone of almost all of my clients’ websites. I tried Gutenberg but didn’t get on with it at all and can’t see myself willingly moving away from Views… I did read that Views wouldn’t receive new features, but will it continue to be supported?

      • Hi, BD! No worries, Views is not going anyway and while it’s not getting new features we are still supporting it fully and don’t plan on changing this in the future. No need to worry about this! 🙂

    • Hi, Angele!

      The “Commercial” tab is displayed using Toolset’s built-in “Installer” feature, which allows you to install (and register) Toolset plugins with just a few clicks.

      We removed Views from the default list because new users were confused whether they should install Views, Blocks, or both.

      However, all sites that use Views and are registered will still receive all future updates. This very release also updates the Views plugin.

      So, in short, you can continue to use the Views plugin if needed. We still support it and intend on doing so in the future. We realize there are many sites out there running Views and Layouts and we won’t just pull the plug on them, no worries.

      That being said, the situation with Toolset Genesis Integration (and other really old theme integrations) might be a bit more complicated. They will surely keep working with old versions of those themes but as themes (and especially Genesis) keep evolving at great speed, it’s impossible to promise that those really old integration plugins will/can work with the newest versions of these themes.

  3. As per Angele and BD, highly concerning. There are still many things that can be done in Views that can’t be done in Blocks. Some reassurance please.

    • Hi! As I explained to both Angele and BD, there is really nothing to worry about. You can continue to use Views and we are continuing to update it regularly. It doesn’t get new features but we will keep supporting it. Additionally, we hope to close the final feature gaps between Views and Blocks in another few releases.

      • Thanks Dario – I hadn’t refreshed the screen for a few minutes, so my post crossed with yours. Happy with the response to Angele.

  4. Great news!

    Having the whole item in a view grid clickable is a must and HTML 5 compliant, despite what some say, that you shouldn’t wrap significant elements in an anchor tag. From what I understand, as long as the linked doesn’t have other linked items enclosed if conforms to proper guidelines. So don’t put Post title with URL into the mix.

    I just started using EditorsKit today so we could make a list look not like a list > address like formatting.

    • Hi, Stephen, thanks for the comment! Yes, exactly, as long as there’re no other links inside the Container, its link works fine and follows all the guidelines. 🙂

  5. The container link is great! I am having issues because once I make the container into a dynamic link it disregards the css class that I set for the container for some reason… That’s not to take away from this awesome new feature though.

    • Hi, Aaron, thank you for feedback! Hmm, that’s really weird because I just tested what you describe and it works fine for me:
      1. I have a View listing posts.
      2. I have a Container block that holds the blocks to output my View (I have a Heading with the post title and a Single Field block to output the main body of the post).
      3. I added a custom CSS class to my Container.
      4. I added a custom CSS rule for that class, using the editor found on the View block, in the “Custom JS and CSS” section in the sidebar.
      5. I turned on the option to make the whole Container into a Dynamic Link and selected it to use the link to the post in the loop (as it’s a View).

      Everything is working. My custom CSS class is added on the front-end and my custom CSS rules are applied.

      Can you check the Developer Tools in your browser and make sure that your custom class is indeed added to the Container. Also check that there is no other CSS rule (from a theme, for example) overwriting your custom one.

      If you still cannot get it to work, please create a ticket in our support and we’ll take a closer look at it!

      • Actually, it is only one aspect. The container link seems to be adding a “display:block” element style which is overriding my “display:inline-block”. I can create a ticket for this.

        • Hi, Aaron! Yes, please, that would be best. Create a ticket and we’ll get our developers to take a closer look. Thank you!

    • Hi, Darryl!

      The next release will not introduce shape dividers but will open up a number of possibilities for that and other features. I cannot share the details now but when it’s ready we’ll show you a very cool big next step for Toolset. 🙂

      As for taxonomy and user Views… This is definitely on the roadmap, however, at least not for another two releases. The work for this is actually huge and it involves expanding our Dynamic Sources to a whole new level. So, I don’t have an ETA, but yes, we will definitely do it.

      • Hi Dario,

        Is this the Kadence Blocks integration I’ve seen hinted at elsewhere? If so can you please include GenerateBlocks integration in this release? It really makes sense given that it’s associated theme, GeneratePress, is one of the few recommended Toolset themes.


        • Hi, Joel and Darryl! I cannot go into full details but in general, the next release (which is really around the corner) will bring the ability to use Toolset’s Dynamic Sources (custom fields, taxonomies, post fields) inside all core blocks and inside most popular 3rd-party blocks. 🙂

  6. Hi,

    Unfortunately, a major bug still exists. Can you tell me if it is still in your queue for a future release?

    When using infinite scroll to load new posts that each contain a form within the LOOP, the form counter resets so that each form no longer has a unique ID.

    Thanks for your attention.


    • Hi, Marcus and Umberto! Thanks for your comments. We do have a ticket about this. We found the issue but the solution is a bit more complex. This ticket is currently not scheduled so I cannot give you an estimate on when the fix might be released. But our developers are definitely aware of it.