WP All Import’s integration with Toolset makes it easy to import your data


October 28, 2020

We are happy to announce the official release of the WP All Import – Toolset Add-on plugin. It allows you to import custom fields and relationships created with Toolset.

Many Toolset clients have enjoyed using the beta version. If you purchased WP All Import and have already tried the beta, you can get Toolset Add-on for $40 instead of $69.

Haven’t got the chance to use the Toolset Add-on? Here is why you should consider getting it.

Why import data from CSV files?

Some WordPress users prefer to edit the data in Excel files, Google spreadsheets, Numbers for Mac and other similar tools rather than doing this directly on their WordPress site. This is especially the case when many fields are involved.

You export your spreadsheet to the CSV file format and then import the data into WordPress.

Editing data in a Google spreadsheet and exporting it to a CSV file

Most people, however, aren’t actually making their own spreadsheet, they’re importing data from somewhere else. In those cases, modifying the format of the XML/CSV is a pain, and sometimes it’s not possible because the import has to run on a schedule and the file can’t be manually edited.

And this is where you need a reliable tool to handle the content import.

In WP All Import plugin you can drag and drop any data, no matter how it’s structured/organized.

Using WP All Import plugins for importing CSV files to WordPress

With its support for importing Toolset Types fields and now – post-relationship, you can handle more complex cases, including importing sites that have custom PHP and MySQL tables or migrating from Drupal to WordPress.

The benefits of WP All Import’s compatibility with Types fields and post relationships

We recommend using both WP All Import and WP All Import Toolset Add-On plugins for many reasons. Here are the most significant ones:

#1 Toolset Types fields support

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can import data into custom fields that you created using the Toolset Types plugin. Check our documentation for more details.

Importing fields from a CSV file and mapping into Types fields with the WP All Import Toolset Add-On plugin

#2 Handling post relationships in a flexible way

You already know that using post relationships makes building advanced sites and running them easier.

Creating relationships between custom post types in WordPress with Toolset

You can edit related posts in your spreadsheets by using the post IDs, slugs or titles. Each post can be edited in a separate cell:

CSV file. The Director column connects Movie and Directors tables

Then, during the import, you simply drag and drop the post title into the Relationships section on WP All Import.

Relationships section on WP All Import Toolset Types Add-On

Note that you can not only import new posts with relationships but also quickly update existing ones.

You can learn more about how to import CSV files and maintain post relationships using the Toolset Types Add-On plugin.

WPML compatibility

You can also rely on it when you import data in multiple languages.

Check it out yourself

Find out how easy it is to now import custom post types with post relationships by downloading WP All Import – Toolset Add-On

The plugin was used for the video about migrating from custom tables into WordPress and it worked very well.

If you need sample CSV files, you can find them in our WP All Import documentation.

Let us know how the Toolset Add-on helps your work in the comments section below. 


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    • Hi, Torbjörn! As an example, one thing that could be implemented is an Oxygen “View element”. So, an element that allows you to insert any Toolset View into your Oxygen page designs. However, for getting to this, I suggest submitting this request also to the Soflyy team. From past experience, I can tell you that things actually happen when users put requests on both sides. 🙂